There and Back Again

As 2014 comes to an end, one can’t help but look back at the year. It is hard to believe how quickly time has passed. In light of events that have happened in the past year, I feel lucky to be alive and more so, grateful to be able to study abroad.

So 2014, what happened? I left my job as a veterinary technician (probably) for good after taking a gap year from my studies, entered the University of Queensland and completed my first semester. Here I am, back in Singapore and in the comfort of home. I have come to realize that I enjoy living independently overseas, where freedom is a given and I am feeling like a total grown-up. The feeling of homesickness came in fleeting moments and left just as quickly – I think I handled living without my family overseas rather well. That said, I’ve made new friends since the start of school who helped me to ease into the Aussie lifestyle and well, I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.

I recall how determined I was to not have Australia as my study destination just 6 months ago. Eventually, I decided to go ahead with studying in Brisbane and I do not regret the decision that I have made. In fact, I have come to appreciate and embrace the lifestyle that I was afraid of. What did I fear? I can’t say for sure, but it seems trivial at this point.

One good thing that came out of getting to know more people was that it was truly an eye-opener. As I often believe, one should be selective of who you keep close to you. Just a semester in university exposed me to how ugly people can be. I daresay that I do not regret knowing such people, though. I try to live my life to the point where I do not regret, and I choose to think of it as experience.

2014 has been a pretty good year for me. Keeping things in perspective, I really enjoyed my semester in Brisbane. I can’t remember what were the new year resolutions I’d made for 2014, but I’ll keep it simple for 2015. I aim to get good grades and be more adventurous as well as spontaneous. Anything else good that happens to me will be an added bonus.

Alright, so I’m cramming 6 months-worth of road trips & photos into one post. Here I go!


Mount Tamborine (Queensland)

IMG_1020 (WM)
IMG_1026 (WM)
IMG_1033 (WM)
IMG_1092 (WM)
IMG_1101 (WM)


Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast, Queensland)

2 road trips, 5 months apart,  same beach.
IMG_1119 (WM)
IMG_1121 (WM)
IMG_1149 (WM)
2013-07-28 15.01.39 (WM)
2013-07-28 15.09.32 (WM)Caught the 3am sunrise at Surfers Paradise.


Night drive to Lake Moogerah (Moogerah, Queensland)

IMG_1573 (WM)
IMG_1546 (WM)^ I tried.
IMG_1532 (WM)


Eat Street Markets (Hamilton, Brisbane, Queensland)

2013-08-07 05.06.55 (WM)

2013-08-07 04.45.51 (WM)

Read 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Eat Street Markets


Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane, Queensland)
IMG_1231 (WM)

IMG_1284 (WM)
IMG_1348 (WM)

” I’m so down with this.”


Cheers to the new year, guys! Hope you have a great one!


There and Back Again

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Eat Street Markets

2013-08-07 07.44.05 (WM)

The foodie’s destination for international street food. There is nothing more comforting than dining under fairy lights with beer, comfort food and good company. Eat Street Markets nailed the concept of Asian markets, adding creative touches of Brisbane to call it their own.


2013-08-07 04.45.51 (WM)
2013-08-07 04.45.05 (WM)

1. Cronuts

Hybrid of the donut and croissant. Drizzled with sugary goodness and filled with rich cream of your deepest desires. Pretty darn amazing for my very first cronut.


2013-08-07 04.38.38 (WM)
2013-08-07 04.41.10 (WM)
2013-08-07 04.35.37 (WM)

2. Oyster Bar

Shuck it at the oyster bar! Fresh oysters from Tasmania and Sydney at $12-18 for a dozen. Eat till your heart’s content.


3. Friendly shopkeepers

Be it the man in that adorable cronuts van or the British-turned-local selling second hand books, the shopkeepers there certainly are chatty! Recommendations? They sure are more than happy to help.


2013-08-07 05.20.38 (WM)

4.  Craft Beer & Wine

What’s good food and live music without some beer?


2013-08-07 06.40.32 (WM)
2013-08-07 06.45.55 (WM)

5. Shredded beef chili with con carne & sour cream quesadillas ($12)

A definite must-try for beef-lovers. I was full but I just had to get this.


6. Pho

Try as you might to resist but the power of pho will render all efforts to be futile. Their Vietnamese beef pho is so fragrant that you can let your nose guide you to the stall.


2013-08-07 05.06.55 (WM)

2013-08-07 05.14.19 (WM)

7. Live music

Setting the mood and style of Eat Street Market. Nothing says ‘chilling out’ more than soaking in the atmosphere with a glass of beer, surrounded by fantastic food and listening to music amongst the hustle and bustle of the market.


8. Wide variety of International Food

One can not possibly try food from every stall in one visit. Here I am, wishing that my stomach was a bottomless pit. Other dishes offered include freshly baked pies, Mexican tacos, churros, crêpes and Okonomi Bacon. There is no doubt that I’ll return after summer vacation is over.

*Note that the menus are frequently updated and changed.



Eat Street Markets
Macarthur Ave, Northshore
Hamilton, Brisbane 4007, Queensland
Operating Hours: Every Friday & Saturday 16:00-22:00
Entrance Fee: AUD$2
Nearest CityCat Terminal: Hamilton
Parking: Off-street parking available for free

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Eat Street Markets


You know that feeling of not having slept for the past 3 months? I’m so drained. I feel exhausted all the time, having to juggle studies, social life and keeping in contact with my family. On top of that, I am currently house-hunting for my next semester in brissy. There’s not much time left till the end of the semester. Has it already been that long? How did time pass so quickly?

Maybe it’s the transition from winter to spring, with flowers blooming across the city. The change of seasons tells me that I’m moving on, that the world is moving on and that time is passing. Maybe that’s why it feels a lot faster.

In any case, I have been crazy busy lately. Finals are just a couple of weeks away and it won’t be long before I’m home-bound. I haven’t really felt home-sick, but I do miss my friends and family sometimes. It can be hard living away from them sometimes but nonetheless, I do enjoy living independently. It feels a lot more like home with the new friends (most of which are Singaporeans, hehe) that I’ve made since coming to Brisbane. I guess I’m thankful that I chose to study in UQ.

Just wanted to give a quick update before I get mad dizzy with exams.


Saturday Brunch Date

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Met the girls for brunch today at Davies Park Market. It was just what I needed to relax after two crazy weeks filled with schoolwork, exams and drama. Bacon & rosti with a hot cup of cappuccino tasted much better than it already was because the break felt necessary and fitting. I had such a blast hanging out around West End – the food, coffee, laughter and all. Felt free of troubles for the entire afternoon, and I have the girls to thank for that, whether they realise it or not.


Saturday Brunch Date

Come & Gone.

Quit playing the victim,
because aside from you and me, someone else knows the truth.

Quit playing games,
because I’m trying to move on and you’re making it hard for me to do so.

I’ve had enough of your lies and tries. There is no room for starting over.

You had your chance and you blew it. You fucked up big time.

Just because nothing is being said, it doesn’t mean that your lies and behaviour is acceptable.

Let it go and move on.

Come & Gone.


I know better than to be affected by what others say, but it’s hard to follow your own advice. I don’t want the mere mention of someone’s name to affect my mood for 10 minutes. I don’t want a glimpse of a text from someone to bother me for the next half an hour. I don’t want to hear “we need to talk” and dread the apparent impending conversation. I hate feeling so self-conscious all the time. Though I may try, I fail miserably at casually brushing off teases and comments about me. I end up thinking about it throughout the day. I think I’m improving, I can still deal with the little things. But some words keep my mind running to the end of the earth.