“Since when did you care about what others think about you?”

That’s true. It has been a crazy few weeks and all it took was just that one comment to knock some sense into me. At the end of it all, I just want to stay true to myself.

13 days till the end of finals.
16 days till I’m heading to Cairns.
Followed by Melbourne.
Followed by Sydney.

Exciting stuff!
Absolutely can’t wait to get semester 2 done and dusted.

Nothing’s wrong.

Nothing’s right either.

It has been an insane week packed with presentation preparations, (loads of) quizzes and reports due for submission. My sister’s in town too and I’m trying to fit everything in, trying so hard to balance everything in my life now. I’m tired and I don’t have someone to rely on.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to be someone’s second option.

“You’re gone, gone, gone away

I watch you disappear”

At Least for Now

IMG_1024 (WM)

Feeling the need to disappear, just for a little while.

The difference of being alone and feeling lonely, there’s a clear distinction to me. I’m craving that bit of having alone time, no human contact for a couple of hours or someone to be there with me while I enjoy that quiet moment reading a book or just relaxing.

It seems so hard to come by recently.

Ready to Roll: Onwards to Byron Bay!

My second semester of school started off messy. Amidst the drama, I came out in one piece. As I’ve said to few, I choose to be happy. To move past what hurts me and (try to) be emotionally satisfied. Other than hitting the books this mid-semester break, a couple of us took a road trip down to Byron Bay in New South Wales.

IMG_2661 (WM) Fair warning: photo spam ahead!

Popped by Matt’s place at Forest Lake first thing in the morning. It was such a pretty place, but I’d forgotten to take photos of the lake.

FullSizeRender 3 (WM) IMG_0091 (EDIT)

IMG_2652 (EDIT)When touching your septum piercing looks like digging your nose.

IMG_0101 (EDIT) IMG_0134 (EDIT)

We decided to stop by Harbourtown (Gold Coast) for a bit of shopping. Guess we got a little carried away? But CHURROS, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.


IMG_0107 (EDIT) IMG_0109 (EDIT) IMG_0110 (EDIT) Bonus shot: Matt’s man bag

IMG_0114 (EDIT) IMG_0115 (EDIT)


Finally reached Clarkes Beach at Byron Bay, New South Wales after 2 hours of driving. Thanks, Matt!

IMG_9613 (EDIT) IMG_9612 (EDIT) IMG_9643 (EDIT) Triple piggyback with Barry & Hui Min that didn’t last longer than 10 seconds.

IMG_9624 (EDIT) IMG_9601 (EDIT) IMG_8520 (EDIT) IMG_8522 (EDIT) IMG_8519 (EDIT)

And we bumped into familiar faces!


At Cape Byron Light.

IMG_2723 (WM) IMG_2691 (EDIT) IMG_0183 (EDIT) IMG_0206 (EDIT) IMG_0211 (EDIT)

As directed by Barry – Matt & I being awkward while posing/shaking from the cold.

IMG_0213 (EDIT) IMG_0217 IMG_2702 (WM) IMG_2731 (WM)

Ended the road trip with a Korean BBQ dinner back in Gold Coast.

IMG_0259 (EDIT)

I couldn’t have asked for better road trip companions this school break. Just pure fun and laughter as well as enjoying each other’s company. Thanks Barry for the photos!

Cheers x