Greetings From Sunny Brisbane!

Hey all,

Can’t believe that I’ve not blogged since June. It has been quite a while but I’m pretty much settled down in Brisbane. It has been a hectic month but I think I’m doing alright. I’m currently living with 4 other guys in the apartment – wtf, I know I didn’t tick the “girls only” option but how can I be the only female here!? But all’s good, there are 2 other Singaporean guys living here and it made settling down here much easier. In addition, no girl drama. (2 thumbs up!)

School has been completely overwhelming but I’m trying my best to deal with it. I’m currently studying a couple of year two chemistry-based subjects, which is insane because the last time I did any chemistry was in my polytechnic years and that was just organic chemistry. I have heaps to catch up on and it’s just stressful. I guess that I’m still handling it pretty well, partially thanks to the friends I’ve made since coming to the university. Times where I thought that I’d be homesick, they were there to make my day fun, exciting and definitely not lonely. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

I got a really bad sore throat a couple of weeks back, which soon developed into a fever, flu and cough. I was bedridden for one entire day and it took me 2 whole weeks to recover. I felt terrible – had no family with me, school literally JUST started and I had to drag my sick butt to school to see a doctor.  I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss home then, but my friends looked out for me. Well, not only when I got ill but most of the time. I KNOW MOST OF YOU GUYS WON’T BE ABLE TO READ THIS BUT THANK YOU ALL AND I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

I haven’t had time to take much photos and edit them but I’ve been going out a lot. I’m heading to the EKKA carnival this Saturday and hopefully I will be able to take some lovely pictures then. Can’t wait to say TGIF!


Till next time. x

Get Your Boots On!

IMG_0859 (WM)Dr Martens Beckett Anarchy Union Jack

Had my eyes on these babies for months and they were finally on sale at P.V.S (Singapore)! Initially, I was hesitant on spending so much on a pair of Dr Martens boots where the material wasn’t even leather. These union jack boots were made of fine canvas and they originally cost SGD$189. I caved after there was a 20% off on these boots. Hooray!

I usually wear a EU 37.5 but I got them in EU 38. Their sizes run a little small. If you intend to put shoe lifts in, I suggest to size up.

Until next time! x


Falling in Love with Bali

I have to say that me taking a liking to Bali was unexpected. I’ve always been the kind who liked exploring busy urbanised cities like Seoul and Shanghai, where my itinerary for the trip was planned to detail. Prior to this trip, I didn’t have much of an expectation for the place and didn’t do any research on Bali. I barely knew which part of island I was at most of the time; I just followed along with my family. I grew really fond of this lovely island. There’s a certain spirit to it that I can’t help but be drawn to. I don’t know what is it, but I like it.

I’ll be doing a couple of posts about my visit in Bali, watch out for them! :)




IMG_0455 (WM)


I stayed at Villa Irma, situated in trendy Seminyak, South of Bali. The pool and garden were very charming, and I had a very pleasant stay there. It was 20 minutes (by walking) from the beach and there was a Pepito Supermarket nearby, which was very convenient to do grocery shopping and make use of the kitchen facilities. The villa was right next to a grass field with a small team of cows and we had a little stray dog named “Bruno” loitering the driveway.

There were no windows in the villa so I was rather bordered off from the rest of the world – I guess to block the view of the cow field and the less modern environment. When dipping in the pool at night, all I saw were the stars and moon, and all I heard were nocturnal animals going about their lives. It was quiet, a little scary but peaceful nonetheless.


IMG_0458 (WM)



IMG_0460 (WM)



IMG_0522 (WM)

 Sandwich & fruits for breakfast thanks to having a supermarket nearby (and my mom)!

IMG_0481 (WM)

 Ed Sheeran’s music filling the silence in the villa with the player provided. 


IMG_0477 (WM)



IMG_0784 (WM)

 Hi Bruno.

Villa Irma wasn’t the cheapest or most luxurious option, but it was affordable (non-peak charges) and comfortable enough for my family of four to live in for a couple of days. It was located in the more secluded part of Seminyak.

Pro: Avoided noise pollution and crowd that popular areas usually bring about. It was a good place to relax away from the bustling shopping and dining area of Seminyak.

Con: Though relatively close to the bustling areas like Jalan Kayu Aya and Jalan Petitenget, it was troublesome to get out since we lacked a rental car/motorcycle. Walking without shelter for more than 15 minutes on a hot and sunny day in Bali would have been an absolute terror. Sometimes we hired a driver (who was super awesome) and often we took a taxi to get around. At least there were many taxis available in Bali!

Find out more about Villa Irma (click here) or look for other villas in Bali (click here).

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(“It going to be LEGEN -wait for it- DARY.” – Barney Stinson)

Zoya Kara Swatch & Review

I’m leaving for my trip to Bali tomorrow and so I painted my nails with Zoya’s Kara. Bright and happy nails for a beach getaway! Whooooop!

Zoya’s Kara is a bright and almost neon shade of pink. It looks coral-like in person and under natural lighting, but when photographed with flash or under white light, the hint of orange isn’t as obvious. It is quite opaque but with two coats, I could see some bare spots in person, which you won’t be able to notice in the photos. You should be able to get away with two coats if you make the second coat a thick one.


IMG_0449 (WM)

 Under white light.

IMG_0443 (WM)

 With flash.

IMG_0438 (WM)

Natural light. Looks coral, doesn’t it?

It’s not the most exciting colour, but it is bright, fun and suits my skin tone. Application was easy and smooth, which is why I like Zoya’s polishes. I’ve yet to encounter any of their lacquers that I find to be too thick to apply.

I shall blog about my trip to Bali after I return. Until next time!


Essie Fifth Avenue Swatch & Review

First swatch post! I’ve had Essie’s Fifth Avenue for quite some time but was only recently in the mood for that colour hehe.

Fifth Avenue is a bright and creamy orange-red polish, a great shade for summer time (or if you’re living in Singapore like me, possibly all the time). It’s quite opaque and one coat should be enough but you can see some bare spots if you apply thinly. I applied two coats out of habit but there wasn’t much of a difference.


IMG_0326 (WM)


I really like the formula. So easy to apply! Here’s a photo with flash:


IMG_0330 (WM)
Right, so here’s the downside. Barely two days after application, the polish started chipping off at the edges. I haven’t really done anything that would cause the polish to chip faster so I was fairly surprised to see it start chipping off so quickly. Otherwise, I really like Essie for the quality of their polishes and this is a really gorgeous colour. Just another excuse for me to paint my nails again.



IMG_0032 (WM)


Hi guys, just a quick post. :-)

So… I’ve got some new shoes to add to my collection. I couldn’t resist! The pair of platform shoes above are TUK’s Mondo Creeper in Navy Floral. I’m absolutely in love with the floral prints, very British. Platform shoes are all the rage now but it’s important to match your outfits well with the shoes. If not, you might become a fashion disaster.

IMG_0044 (WM)


Jeffrey Campbell Studded Holy Cross Boots in grey. I’m so glad that I got them. They are surprisingly comfortable enough but I have yet to wear them out to town so I’ll see how comfortable it gets after a night out (hah). Lusted for this pair of JC heels because of the studded cross detail – eye-catching, bold and bad ass. Oh yeah.