You know that feeling of not having slept for the past 3 months? I’m so drained. I feel exhausted all the time, having to juggle studies, social life and keeping in contact with my family. On top of that, I am currently house-hunting for my next semester in brissy. There’s not much time left till the end of the semester. Has it already been that long? How did time pass so quickly?

Maybe it’s the transition from winter to spring, with flowers blooming across the city. The change of seasons tells me that I’m moving on, that the world is moving on and that time is passing. Maybe that’s why it feels a lot faster.

In any case, I have been crazy busy lately. Finals are just a couple of weeks away and it won’t be long before I’m home-bound. I haven’t really felt home-sick, but I do miss my friends and family sometimes. It can be hard living away from them sometimes but nonetheless, I do enjoy living independently. It feels a lot more like home with the new friends (most of which are Singaporeans, hehe) that I’ve made since coming to Brisbane. I guess I’m thankful that I chose to study in UQ.

Just wanted to give a quick update before I get mad dizzy with exams.

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Saturday Brunch Date

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Met the girls for brunch today at Davies Park Market. It was just what I needed to relax after two crazy weeks filled with schoolwork, exams and drama. Bacon & rosti with a hot cup of cappuccino tasted much better than it already was because the break felt necessary and fitting. I had such a blast hanging out around West End – the food, coffee, laughter and all. Felt free of troubles for the entire afternoon, and I have the girls to thank for that, whether they realise it or not.


Come & Gone.

Quit playing the victim,
because aside from you and me, someone else knows the truth.

Quit playing games,
because I’m trying to move on and you’re making it hard for me to do so.

I’ve had enough of your lies and tries. There is no room for starting over.

You had your chance and you blew it. You fucked up big time.

Just because nothing is being said, it doesn’t mean that your lies and behaviour is acceptable.

Let it go and move on.


I know better than to be affected by what others say, but it’s hard to follow your own advice. I don’t want the mere mention of someone’s name to affect my mood for 10 minutes. I don’t want a glimpse of a text from someone to bother me for the next half an hour. I don’t want to hear “we need to talk” and dread the apparent impending conversation. I hate feeling so self-conscious all the time. Though I may try, I fail miserably at casually brushing off teases and comments about me. I end up thinking about it throughout the day. I think I’m improving, I can still deal with the little things. But some words keep my mind running to the end of the earth.


Greetings From Sunny Brisbane!

Hey all,

Can’t believe that I’ve not blogged since June. It has been quite a while but I’m pretty much settled down in Brisbane. It has been a hectic month but I think I’m doing alright. I’m currently living with 4 other guys in the apartment – wtf, I know I didn’t tick the “girls only” option but how can I be the only female here!? But all’s good, there are 2 other Singaporean guys living here and it made settling down here much easier. In addition, no girl drama. (2 thumbs up!)

School has been completely overwhelming but I’m trying my best to deal with it. I’m currently studying a couple of year two chemistry-based subjects, which is insane because the last time I did any chemistry was in my polytechnic years and that was just organic chemistry. I have heaps to catch up on and it’s just stressful. I guess that I’m still handling it pretty well, partially thanks to the friends I’ve made since coming to the university. Times where I thought that I’d be homesick, they were there to make my day fun, exciting and definitely not lonely. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

I got a really bad sore throat a couple of weeks back, which soon developed into a fever, flu and cough. I was bedridden for one entire day and it took me 2 whole weeks to recover. I felt terrible – had no family with me, school literally JUST started and I had to drag my sick butt to school to see a doctor.  I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss home then, but my friends looked out for me. Well, not only when I got ill but most of the time. I KNOW MOST OF YOU GUYS WON’T BE ABLE TO READ THIS BUT THANK YOU ALL AND I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

I haven’t had time to take much photos and edit them but I’ve been going out a lot. I’m heading to the EKKA carnival this Saturday and hopefully I will be able to take some lovely pictures then. Can’t wait to say TGIF!


Till next time. x

Get Your Boots On!

IMG_0859 (WM)Dr Martens Beckett Anarchy Union Jack

Had my eyes on these babies for months and they were finally on sale at P.V.S (Singapore)! Initially, I was hesitant on spending so much on a pair of Dr Martens boots where the material wasn’t even leather. These union jack boots were made of fine canvas and they originally cost SGD$189. I caved after there was a 20% off on these boots. Hooray!

I usually wear a EU 37.5 but I got them in EU 38. Their sizes run a little small. If you intend to put shoe lifts in, I suggest to size up.

Until next time! x